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content viewing time in AR

+ 55%


increase in average transaction value



increase in customer count


Experience a New Dimension of Reality

Experience a New Dimension of Reality" suggests a shift or expansion in perception, likely referring to advancements in technology like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or mixed reality (MR).
Stepping into virtual worlds and exploring fantastical landscapes or historical settings.
Interacting with digital objects overlaid onto the real world through AR applications.
Blending digital and physical elements seamlessly to create new forms of storytelling and entertainment.

  • Modern Technology
  • Visualization
  • Ultra Graphic

Maximize Reach and Retarget Visitors

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Turn Information Into Actionable Insights


Design Studio

Design Studio refers to a specialized studio focused on creating augmented reality (AR) experiences and content and its mission to create immersive and interactive augmented reality experiences.


Lite Studio

LITE Studio could refer to a simplified or streamlined version of a design studio that focuses specifically on creating lightweight and accessible augmented reality (AR) experiences. Its mission to democratize AR content creation by offering simplified tools and processes.


3D Configurator

A "3D Configurator" is a software tool or application that allows users to customize and visualize 3D models of products according to their preferences and specifications.The core component of a 3D Configurator is the 3D models of the products users can customize. These models should be high-quality and accurately represent the products in digital form.


Universal Studio

"Universal Studio "AR could refer to a concept where augmented reality (AR) technology is used to enhance the visitor experience at Universal Studios theme parks.These theme parks feature attractions based on popular Universal Studios franchises, as well as rides, shows, and experiences inspired by other intellectual properties.